Evoluciones Convergentes
Convergent Evolutions

International Conference on Live Coding 2021

Valdivia, Chile. ZAL

15-17 Diciembre 2021 | December 15-17 2021

ICLC 2021.

“Live coding is one of the most recent expressions of electronic music that manifests itself as a form of computer music in which various aesthetics intersect, ranging from experimental music (electroacoustic, noise or glitch) to various forms of club music (techno, dubstep or ambient among others); although it is a practice that encompasses other artistic expressions such as video or audiovisual production [...]” Albornoz (2019)

According to Roberts and Wakefield (2018), Live coding is manifested in performances in which sound works that are based on a temporal discourse (time-based works) are created through programming performed live at the same time that the same works are executed.

At this moment, there is a growing international community around live coding and related practices and research areas. Coders, artists, researchers, algoravers and a wider audience give life a synergistic movement which trespasses limits and entails people in different ambits, such as art, computer programming, academia and DIY culture, to mention just a few.

Within this ethos, the International Conference on Live Coding has been gathering people producing, researching and spreading these knowledge and practices. The 2021 ICLC version, hosted in Valdivia, Southern Chile, joins this endeavour with the main aim of connecting this world with the emergent, brand new and recent initiatives in our country, creating in this way links with bigger scenes (Argentina, México, Colombia…) in the ‘neighborhood’ and of course all over the globe.

We warmly welcome you to join us in an only online version this year, with the hope of face-to-face meetings for the years hence, maintaining the telematic aspect that has proven to be useful and binding.

ICLC 2021 Team

Alejandro Albornoz, Chair

Christian Oyarzún, Coordinator and local activities chair

Maite García, Communications and design

Discussion Panels / Guest speakers


Thor Magnusson

Iris Saladino


Flor de Fuego

Olivia Jack


Alexandra Cárdenas

Antonio Roberts