Flor de Fuego


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Flor de Fuego is a digital artist-goldsmith who primarily uses code and real-time programming to produce performative experiences. Her research revolves around concepts such as body, space, code, language and chaos. She has participated in several international festivals, both by individual and collective instances. She is lecturer at the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad de La Plata, Argentina. Education is a central part of her production.

Iris Saladino


Olivia Jack is a creative coder and artist who works with open-source software, live coding, experimental interfaces, cartography and visual art. Her projects include algorithmic representations of uncertainty and chaos. She started programming in 2011 beginning to work in audiovisual installations, data visualisation, lecturing programming and videogames to children. She has created her own software using Processing, openFrameworks or JavScript. She is the creator of the open-source Hydra, a live coding environment for visual creation.