2021 CALL | Papers / Music-AV performances / Online exhibitions


This call is open to any researcher regardless of nationality, gender, age or career stage.

The International Conference on Live Coding, ICLC 2021 invites submissions of papers, music/audiovisual performances and online exhibitions. Our conference theme this year is Convergent Evolutions and will be distributed within three subtopics: Code & Semantics, Visuality, and Social & Anthropologic.

Code & Semantics

Research projects, works, practices addressing the use, dissemination and creation of live coding languages and idiosyncratic semantic structures.


Live coding and algorithmic tools for and artistic approaches to visuality in a broader sense.

Social & Anthropologic

Social and human focused topics regarding live coding and computer music, including gender, decolonial, political, educational themes among others.

We encourage submission of papers related to these themes, but there is no limitation to submissions covering related areas such as:

  • Aesthetics of live coding and computer music
  • Algorithmic composition
  • Analytical tools for music, visuals and other forms of digital art
  • Artificial intelligence [machine learning, deep learning, neural networks]
  • Languages for live coding and computer music
  • Live coding without computers
  • Live cinema
  • History and alternative histories of computer music and live coding
  • Immersive realities [audio, visuals, augmented reality]
  • Interdisciplinary approaches
  • Perception and psychology of live coding
  • Studio Reports / Works logs


Call for submissions and submission system opening: 25th June

Deadline for submissions, paper abstract proposals: 4th October

Deadline for updating submissions: 11th October

Notification of acceptance: 22th November

Conference registration opening: 15th November (Evenbrite event link soon)

Camera-ready deadline for proceedings: 10th December

Conference days: 15th -17th December

CMT Submission site:

For the subject areas, please indicate as follows:

Primary, choose 1 of the following, basically the type of application:

  • Paper
  • Performance
  • Online exhibitions

Secondary, choose 1 of the following, basically the actual topic of your application:

  • Code & Semantic
  • Visuality
  • Social & Anthropologic
  • Other

You should be able to add more than one secondary subject area and rewrite one if necessary to specify.


Download paper format here (Google drive link):

Abstracts: 2000 Characters
Short contribution: 2-4 pages
Long contributions: 5-12 pages
Please add short bios in a separate file: 100-150 word for each author

All proposals must be written in academic format, including appropriate citations as well as the application of suitable research methods. The proceedings of the conference will be published with ISBN, and a DOI number for each article.


Works format: live coding performances (AV files), video records of performances involving people or physical actions, algorithmic AV works in video format.

Media Format: Video: please submit your work in mp4 format, either at 29.9 or 30 fps, 100 MBytes per minute. Please provide a suitable link (Vimeo, Youtube, permanent download links).


Online exhibition format: Video showcase of physical pieces (installations, sculptures, etc.), interactive websites (xr pieces, Mozilla hubs, net-art works, etc.)

Media Format: Video: please submit suitable links or videos in mp4 format, either at 29.9 or 30 fps, 100 MBytes per minute (Vimeo, Youtube, permanent download links).

All submissions must be submitted as a PDF file and suitable links.


Submissions can be either in Spanish or English.

La International Conference on Live Coding, ICLC 2021, es un proyecto organizado por Toplap Valdivia, financiado por el Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio del Gobierno de Chile y cuenta con el apoyo de la Universidad Austral de Chile, Taller Compartido La Cisne Negro, Fábrica de Medios y