Registration as speaker/performer/workshop facilitator for ICLC 2017

Thank you for your participation in ICLC. We received a great number of submissions, representing a growing, enthused community interested in sharing new knowledge and developments from the field. Proposals were received from a wide range of people including academics, collectives and independent artists.

To make ICLC both as sustainable and accessible as possible, we have established a flexible registration fee:

- 54 USD (1,000 MXN) (minimum contribution - e.g. unwaged/underemployed)
- 108 USD (2000 MXN)
- 160 USD (3,000 MXN)
- 214 USD (4,000 MXN)
- 267 USD (5,000 pesos) (maximum contribution - e.g. those with strong institutional backing)

If you are a speaker/performer/workshop facilitator invited to ICLC 2017 and cannot cover the cost of this fee, please request a fee exemption by sending an email to

For any further questions please contact us!

ICLC Organization committee 2017

ICLC 2017 Registration
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