ICLC 2017, International Conference on Live Coding.

4-8 December 2017, Morelia Mexico

Live coding is a performance practice that revolves around the creation and modification of code and algorithms in real-time. Today, live coding also acts as an evolving and expanding influence that reaches the likes of teachers, choreographers, programmers, composers, psychologists, ethnographers, technologists, and many others who are in pursuit of new methodologies, research areas, and relationships between technology, aesthetics and code.

Live coding practice is not defined by a single style or artistic genre in any of its multidisciplinary manifestations. On the contrary, it generates its own politics, aesthetics and philosophies through the development of new and personalized tools which actively undermine inherited paradigms. This is reflected in the way live coding constantly redefines perception, creativity, technology, productivity and culture.

For more information about live coding please visit TOPLAP and the websites of the International Conference on Live Coding ICLC 2015 and ICLC 2016.

The ICLC 2017 will be held in the historic city of Morelia, Mexico. The Conference will take place in 3 important cultural centers: the Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (CMMAS), the Centro Cultural Clavijero, and the Comité de Asuntos Intangibles.

ICLC 2017 will consist of performances, workshops, lectures, and outdoor events exploring current manifestations and new directions of live coding. Two Algoraves will celebrate the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference.

For questions and/or feedback please contact us at iclc2017@easychair.org

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