Approaches to Working in a Flexible Network, Reimagining the Ensemble.

In this workshop the participants will be introduced to ways of thinking about diversity as a practice applicable to all. We will cover the basics of Disability theory through a presentation, looking at barriers which are often presented to disabled people as a result of a “normal” approach to music making and performances. We will then explore how we can reimagine music making and performance as a collaborative negotiated experience in order to include all participants. This second aspect of the workshop will involve taking on disparate identities, writing a “needs assessment” for this new identity and working in small groups to create a music making and performance approach which suits those involved. This practice hopes to highlight the necessity of ground up decision making rather than “bolt on” diversity fixes.

This workshop is tailored to a live coding environment. Networked ensembles provide a key opportunity for disabled people to collaborate which “locational” ensembles do not. In our development of the laptop orchestra, and collaborating live online, we open the door to disabled and home based people in a way which other ways of music making do not. In this context it is useful for all people involved in networked ensembles to have an understanding of how we can create an environment which is open to and aware of disabled music makers.