Hex Osc Shift Mod

This workshop will explore creative uses of hexadecimal notation (“Hexadecimal Beats”), event-time oscillators, bitshifts, and modulus processing for live coding performance. We will explore the nature of each technique, see how it integrates with other techniques, and learn how to use it to generate note events as well as how to work with them to shape a performance.
The workshop will use live.csound.com, a web environment for live coding with Csound and the csound-live-code library, to explore each technique. A laptop is required for participants to follow along and practice. No other installation of software is necessary except to have a WebAudio-compatible browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox). While we will be using live.csound.com to explore the techniques in the context of music, the techniques and practical experience should be easily transferred to other live coding systems.