Live Code Language Design with Sema

There are compelling opportunities for empowering the live coding community with new artistic processes and outcomes that may arise from the integration of real-time interactive signal processing and machine learning technologies, in a scalable and accessible environment such as the web browser. This workshop is part of the MIMIC research project, which explores how machine learning and machine listening can be designed in a user-friendly way and provide for live coding, rapid prototyping and fast development cycles of musical applications. Participants will get familiar with our live coding language design environment and language design techniques, preparing them to work in the creation of their own live coding languages. Participants will learn how to express sound and music concepts using signal processing expressions. They will experiment with selected machine learning models and machine listening JavaScript classes and explore some of their direct benefits, including beat detection, pattern detection and generation.
Participants will gain understanding about workflows in our system that will allow then to develop their own live coding mini-language using language design techniques. For instance, they will learn how to create, inspect and change language specifications to generate language parsers. Participants will also explore practical techniques for performing with the live coding mini-languages they have constructed or customised, including live coding with interactive machine learning and pre-trained generative models.
Additionally, the workshop will include a group discussion about participants’ experience learning and using our system. As a result of this workshop, we believe participants will gain a better understanding of what signal processing, machine learning machine listening are in the context of live coding language design and performance.