During the day, the conference took place at the School of Music, University of Leeds. By night, we enjoyed the Left Bank venue on Monday, and Wharf Chambers on Wednesday. Tuesday night was for 'relaxing'.

There was also a warm-up party in Sheffield on the 11th July.

Monday 13th July 2015

Day programme

The day programme will take place within the School of Music, University of Leeds.

CCCH Foyer, School of Music
[09:00]Registration opens, with Tea and Coffee
[09:45]Workshops - Some workshops may start a little earlier, your workshop organiser will let you know. We anticipate most workshops will start at 9:45am, but if your workshop has strong demands on time, you could start a little earlier. Please let us know, if so. All workshops should break for coffee around 11:30 and finish by 12:45.
[12:45]Lunch and welcome
LT1, School of Music
[13:40]Paper session A (Chair: David Ogborn)
  • Alan Blackwell. Patterns of User Experience in Performance Programming (20min)
  • Charlie Roberts, Karl Yerkes, Matthew Wright and JoAnn Kuchera-Morin. Sharing Time and Code in a Browser-Based Live Coding Environment (15min)
  • Marije Baalman. Embodiment of code (15min)
CCCH, School of Music
[14:40]Performance session A - CePRA special session with Anne Veinberg and Greta Eacott
  • Nick Collins and Anne Veinberg. Type a Personality
  • Juan A. Romero and Anne Veinberg. Improvisation for Pianist (Disklavier) and Live Coder
  • Thor Magnusson and Greta Eacott. Encoding the Marimbist.
  • Marcel Wierckx and Anne Veinberg. Gopher
  • Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Anne Veinberg. Off<>zz
[15:30]Tea and Coffee
LT1, School of Music
[15:50]Paper session B (Chair: Nick Collins)
  • Adam Parkinson and Renick Bell. Deadmau5, Derek Bailey, and the Laptop Instrument -- Improvisation, Composition, and Liveness in Live Coding (15min)
  • Emma Cocker. Live Coding/Weaving — Penelopean Mêtis and the Weaver-Coder’s Kairos (15min)
  • Giovanni Mori. Analysing Live Coding with Ethnographical Approach. A new perspective. (15min)
CCCH, School of Music
[16:50]Julian Rohrhuber - Keynote
[17:30]Performance session B
  • Fabrice Mogini. The augmented Live Coding Orchestra
  • Scott Wilson, Norah Lorway, Konstantinos Vasilakos, Luca Danieli and Tsun Yeung. BEER (Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research)

Night programme - Club A

Monday's Algorave will take place at Left Bank, a 10-15 minute stroll or 5 minute taxi ride from the University. There will be food for conference delegates and their friends from 7pm, and the performance programme will start from 8pm. Admission is £5, or free with a conference badge.

  • Fredrik Olofsson. chain reaction
  • Alexandra Cárdenas. Feedforward - an electric guitar and live code performance
  • Andres Villa Torres. Warp Hole Sounds
  • Shelly Knotts, Holger Ballweg and Jonas Hummel. Flock
  • Sam Aaron and Alan Blackwell. Sonic Miner
  • Chris Kiefer. Live Coded Controllerism: Performing the Design of a New Instrument
  • Matthew Yee-King and Alex McLean. Canute

Tuesday 14th July 2015

Day programme

The day programme will spread across two venues in the University of Leeds. Papers, posters and demos will take place in the the School of Music, and performances in Stage@Leeds, which is in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries.

CCCH Foyer, School of Music
[09:15]Tea and Coffee
LT1, School of Music
[09:45]Steven Tanimoto - Keynote
[10:25]Papers session C (Chair: Alan Blackwell)
  • Tim Sayer. Cognition and Improvisation: Some Implications for Live Coding (15min)
  • Nick Collins. Live Coding and Machine Listening (20min)
  • Giovanni Mori. Pietro Grossi's live coding. An early case of computer music performance (20min)
Stage@Leeds foyer
[11:40]Tea and coffee
Stage one, Stage@Leeds
[12:00]Performances C
  • Dragica Kahlina. living sound
  • Sean Cotterill. To Code a Dadaist Poem.
  • Marije Baalman. Wezen-Gewording
CCCH Foyer, School of Music
[12:45]Poster/demo session leading into Lunch
  • Timothy Jones and James Noble. def Gribber = (Grace + Gibber)
  • Felienne Hermans and Rico Huijbers. Coda Lisa: Collaborative Art in the Browser
  • David Ogborn and Shawn Mativetsky. very long cat: zero-latency network music with live coding
  • James Noble. Physical Livecoding with littleBits
  • Iván Paz. Live Coding Through Rule-Based Modelling of High Level Structures: exploring output spaces of algorithmic composition systems
  • Joanne Armitage, Kia Ng and Alex McLean. Silent Metronome
LT1, School of Music
[14:00]Paper session D (Chair: Felienne Hermans)
  • Shawn Lawson. Performative Code: Strategies for Live Coding Graphics (15min)
  • James Mooney. Materiality, Economy, Community: Hugh Davies’s Electronic Musical Instruments and their Relation to Present-Day Live Coding Practice (15min)
  • Geoff Cox. What Does Live Coding Know? (15min)
  • Chris Kiefer. Approximate Programming (15min)
Stage one, Stage@Leeds
[15:30]Performance session D
  • Kate Sicchio. Hacking the Body 2.0
  • Joseph Wilk. Repl Electric performance: "End of Buffer"
LT1, School of Music
[16:45]Paper session E (Chair: Roger Dean)
  • Steven Tanimoto. Livesolving: Enabling Collaborative Problem Solvers to Perform at Full Capacity (20min)
  • Alan Blackwell and Samuel Aaron. Craft Practices of Live Coding Language Design (20min)
  • Felienne Hermans and Tijs Van Der Storm. Copy-Paste Tracking: Fixing Spreadsheets Without Breaking Them (15min)

Night programme

No official evening programme, but we will suggest some local hostelries.

Wednesday 15th July 2015

Day programme

The day programme will again take place within the School of Music, University of Leeds.

LT1, School of Music
[09:15]Tea and Coffee
[09:45]Sally-Jane Norman - Keynote
[10:25]Paper session F (Chair: Nicolai Suslov)
  • Sang Won Lee and Georg Essl. Live Writing: Asynchronous Playback of Live Coding and Writing (20min)
  • Jun Kato, Tomoyasu Nakano and Masataka Goto. TextAlive Online: Live Programming of Kinetic Typography Videos with Online Music (15min)
  • David Ogborn, Eldad Tsabary, Ian Jarvis, Alexandra Cardenas and Alex McLean. Extramuros: making music in a browser-based, language-neutral collaborative live coding environment (20min)
CCCH Foyer, School of Music
[11:30]Tea and Coffee
CCCH, School of Music
[11:50]Performance session E
  • Alan Blackwell, Sam Aaron and Afrodita Nikolova. Slamming Street 0110 0110
  • Jonas Hummel and Birmingham Laptop Ensemble Bile. Mind Your Own Business
  • Rodrigo Velasco and Ollinca Torres. vida breve
CCCH Foyer, School of Music
LT1, School of Music
[14:00]Paper session G (Chair: Kate Sicchio)
  • Nikolai Suslov and Tatiana Soshenina. From Live Coding to Virtual Being (15min)
  • Carolina Di Prospero. Social Imagination (15min)
  • Charles Hutchins. Live Patch / Live Code (15min)
CCCH Foyer, School of Music
[15:10]Tea and Coffee
LT1, School of Music
[15:30]Paper session H (Chair: Marije Baalman)
  • Antonio Goulart and Miguel Antar. Live Coding the computer as part of a free improvisation orchestra of acoustic instruments (20min)
  • Antonio D. Carvalho Jr, Sang Won Lee and Georg Essl. SuperCopair: Collaborative Live Coding on Supercollider through the cloud (20min)
CCCH, School of Music
[16:20]Performance session F
  • Niklas Reppel. Cult of graa - live coding performance
  • David Ogborn and Shawn Mativetsky. very long cat
[17:00]Wrap-up panel - Clothworkers’ Centenary Concert Hall

Night programme

The final algorave will take place from 8pm at Wharf Chambers, a 20 minute stroll or 10-15 minute taxi ride from the University. he club is free with the conference badge, or else there is £5 submission on the door (but you must join Wharf Chambers first).

  • Darren Mothersele and Matt Wood. Cyril vs Microscopadelica
  • Calum Gunn. Unorganised Music
  • Andrew Sorensen. Chicanery
  • Charles Roberts. Gibberings & Mutterings
  • Alexandra Cárdenas, Ian Jarvis, Alex McLean, David Ogborn and Eldad Tsabary. shared buffer: networked collaborative live coding
  • Dagobert Sondervan and Kasper Jordaens. Heuristic ALgorithmic Interactive Controllers
  • Mike Hodnick. Kindohm
  • Luis Navarro Del Angel and Emilio Ocelotl Reyes. Algorave Performance
  • Renick Bell. Conductive