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The International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) is dedicated to practices and research focused on technologies and philosophies that interpret the use of computer code as gesture within the context of live performances. In its previous editions the community has offered important insights on this practice from many diverse perspectives – technical, philosophical, educational, political, and more.

ICLC 2024 takes place in Shanghai, China from May 30 to June 1 2024, and we wish to challenge our community to bridge even further to its multidisciplinary strengths. We are pleased to invite submissions of proposed contributions in the form of theoretical works, live and live-recorded audio/visual performances, workshops, and satellite events. This call is open to everyone. We encourage submissions that cover any topic related to live coding, but in particular we invite contributions that consider the following themes:

Positive Longitudes

This will be the first time that ICLC will take place in Asia and we are looking forward to connecting live coding communities in the larger Asian region as well as those in Australia and New Zealand. We aim to highlight the diverse practitioners and communities found throughout the locale and to forge new connections between Asia+ and the rest of the world.

Conversational Improvisations

The rapid rise of LLMs and other Generative AI tools over the past years has had a large impact on creative practices. We welcome submissions that investigate how such tools are creatively used within the context of live coding. Questions regarding what new modes of performance LLMs and Generative AIs enable and where the agency lies in such a human-machine conversation are of particular interest.

Crafting Code

The act of writing code is a craft that is remarkably broad in its approaches, executions, and implementations. Different practices have varying affordances allowing for multitudes of outcomes. The expressive and improvisational possibilities present in the crafting of code are an interplay between the coder(s), the language, and the environment. At a time when AI tools are promising to abstract away some of its minutiae: we’re also interested in further exploration of the nuances of coding practices, and the cultural significance of code being inscribed, read and enacted.

Presentation Formats

(see below for submission guidelines)

The proceedings of the conference will be published with ISBN and DOI number for each article.

Important Dates

  • November 16, 2023: Call for submissions
  • November 23, 2023: Submission system opening and templates available
  • January 22 15, 2024: Deadline for submissions of papers, performances and workshops
  • February 15, 2024: Deadline for submissions of proposals for satellite events and open submissions
  • February 15, 2024: Notification of acceptance
  • April 2024: Deadline for updating selected written submissions
  • April 2024: Camera-ready deadline for proceedings
  • April 2024: Conference registration opens
  • May 30 - June 1, 2024: Conference days

Submission Requirements

Submission site: Closed
Submission templates:

There are no submission fees.

Submissions are expected to be done in English. For the Live Performance category, you are welcome to submit the proposal in your own language and add a machine-translated version.

Long and short papers

  • Short paper: 2-4 pages
  • Long paper: 5-12 pages
  • Condensed Outline: max 100 - 150 words
  • Short biography: max 150 words for each contributor

All papers must be written in academic format using the provided template, including appropriate citations as well as the application of suitable research methods.

Preference will be given to paper submissions that can be presented in-person at the conference. However, if the authors have a pressing reason for not being able to attend in-person, remote paper presentations will be considered.

Live Performances

  • Abstract: max 2 pages (abstract and bio in proceedings)
  • Programme note: max 150 words
  • Short biography: max 150 words for each contributor
  • Technical Requirements

Live Performances (including audio, visual, and A/V or multimedia) will largely be sorted into one of two formats: a concert format, with seated audience; and an Algorave format, unseated and intended for dancing.

Please support your submission with a clear description of your performance and discussion of influences and prior art as appropriate. Provide a link (Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud) to illustrate the performance. Please also be as thorough as possible with the Technical Requirements so that we can avoid surprises.


  • Short workshop: 2 hours
  • Long workshop: 4 hours
  • Abstract: max 700 words (700-word abstract and bio in proceedings)
  • Short biography: max 150 words for each contributor
  • Technical Requirements

Please specify your target audience: eg. visitors, beginners, students, general public, experts, etc. Please also be as thorough as possible with the Technical Requirements so that we can avoid surprises.

Open Submissions

  • 2-6 pages
  • Short biography: max 150 words for each contributor
  • Video: max 15 minutes (description and URL to Vimeo or YouTube in proceedings)
  • Video description: max. 150 words
  • Short biography: max 150 words for each contributor

To acknowledge that not everyone will be able to travel to China for ICLC2024, we invite open submissions from the community as an alternative way to participate.

All relevant Open Submissions will be published in the proceedings.

ICLC Satellite Events

We invite live coding nodes from all over the world to host their own satellite events prior to or after ICLC 2024. The goal is to give communities for which participation in China might be more difficult to achieve an opportunity to still contribute to the conference. While the committee of the ICLC cannot directly help with funding or organization of your event, an effort will be made to coordinate dates and locations.

Please submit your intent to participate with your own event, providing us with a principal contact to your group/organization, the city where the event will take place and any information that might already be definitive (set date, set venue, line-up...). Additionally we invite you to join the channel #iclc-satellite-events on the TOPLAP Discord server to present and discuss your ideas for a satellite event in order to connect organizers as early as possible to make the most out of it.

We ask you to investigate possibilities to apply for local funding to help cover for accommodations, travel costs and in the best case artist fees. We can provide you with a Letter of Intent to support applications for funding and will publish the date and url of your event on the ICLC website.

Fees & Funding Information

There are no fees to submit a proposal for peer review.

Participants are encouraged to seek outside funding. The committee can provide participants with Letters of Invitation/Intent to apply for support through local internationalization grants or the embassies that support cultural exchange.

Please follow ICLC 2024 updates for more details to come about registration fees and travel assistance.

Contact Information