ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Live Coding Latin Dance Music With Seis8s

Luis N. Del Angel, Julia M├║gica

Seis8s is a web-based live coding language that allows real-time interaction with digital audio and localized music knowledge. Seis8s revolves around Spanish-language commands that relate to Latin dance music. During this 4-hour introductory workshop, participants will access Seis8s at https://seis8s.org/ to learn its basic functions as well as its context and motivation.

Through this learning process, participants will also engage in mainstream music styles from Latin America such as Mexican Cumbia and Cuban Guaguanc├│. Participants will also learn about instruments commonly used in this music such as keyboards, bass guitars, congas, claves, and shakers.

Luis, the instructor, will be present during the workshop digitally, while we have a local instructor, Julia, present to guide you.