ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Live Cinema Coding with Tidal Cycles, Processing and Unreal Engine

Iván Abreu, Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD)

We define Live Cinema Coding as a performative practice (heir to Live cinema) that uses live coding to sequence cinematographic shots, transform a 3D scene, animate actors, control light, process videos, etc. We use the pattern strength of Tidal to create sound-visual synesthesia and sound visualization by refactoring musical patterns into visual patterns.

The objective of the workshop is to show the authors' workflow, both conceptual and technical: the choice of "what" patterns to refactor and "how" from listening to our own musical composition. Or the process of abstracting into custom haskell functions within Tidal Cycles and converting them to OSC addresses for redirection and flexible visual consequence in Processing, Unreal Engine or DMX stage lighting.

For the workshop it is necessary to have Tidal Cycles (supercollider), Processing and Unreal Engine already installed and the student will be explained the resources that will be available on GitHub.

Tidal Cycles


Unreal Engine