ICLC 2023 Catalogue

on-the-fly Documentary

Lina Bautista Rodríguez, Felipe Ignacio Noriega Alcaraz, Shelly Knotts, Olivia Jack, Patrick Borgeat, Iván Paz, Luka Frelih, Ludovica Michelin, Yannick Hofmann, Fabian van Sluijs

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On-the-fly was a Creative Europe co-funded project initiated by Hangar in Barcelona, in cooperation with Creative Coding Utrecht, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, Ljubljana, and ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. It was focused on supporting local practices and their exchange among the live coding communities. It was designed with two main branches: live coding performance and research. In the research space we discussed, explored, identified, and imagined creative directions in the live coding practice. On the performative side we created spaces for live experimentation with new languages, techniques, and approaches to live coding. We recognized that most of us have spent extensive hours designing, understanding, or extending numerous languages or libraries before performing with them. But also it is in the live performance where the tools and designs are tested and experimented. By creating these performative spaces across the four partners in Europe, on-the-fly aimed to professionalize the creative coding practice, while building new and stronger networks between the practitioners and institutions interested or related to live coding. This documentary was conceived to give a voice to the participants of the on-the-fly project, both the live coders and the institutions. We think that there is already enough content of live coding performances, but that a documentary, produced by the community, where live coders could explain those things that they consider essential in this practice, was needed.