ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Direction To NoWhere

Kofi Oduro (illestpreacha)

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In the tradition of soundwalking, I use livestreaming (through the livecoding language Hydra and a phone) as a prompt for my #DirectionStoNowhere project Part One and the idea of 'the last payphone', to showcase the viewpoint of a payphone that is left to just watch nature. What does it see through its eyes? Does it recognize the changes of time. What occurs if a human were to stumble upon this footage? What if we live score the scene, how can that bring the digital realm closer to the physical realm? Or does this mean, it is its own realm? What if this time, the phone was remodified to enjoy a walk? Using lines of code to give it life, what will its circuitry witness? What sounds will flow in its head? The same sounds from 50,25,10,5 years ago or even yesterday still prevail?