ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Der dritte Körper

Shuoxin Tan (谭硕欣), Song Li (李松), Jia Liu (刘佳)

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In the tower room of church Sankt Michael Cologne, two small loudspeakers are suspended from the bell tower with thin wires.

Connected through the network, two members of [ _ _ _ ], Song and Jia perform live from London and Karlsruhe respectively. The sound reaches the site through the loudspeakers and is listened to and recorded by Shuoxin, the third performer and the only person on-site. The audience is only able to hear through Shuoxin, as she moves through the room with a binaural microphone in an auditory choreography and interplays with the small loudspeakers.

Each individual involved in this event becomes “Der dritte Körper” - the 3 performers on-site and remote, the installation and the noise in the space, as well as the attentively listening ears of the audience and the spaces they are in. The small tower room turns into a micro-cosmos of sound, during this 20 minutes performance.