ICLC 2023 Catalogue

AV Club SF Community Report

Dan Gorelick (dan.dog), Tyler McLaughlin (R Tyler), Don Hanson (d0n.xyz), Rodney Folz (haute.rod)

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Community Report from the San Francisco based artist collective, AV Club SF. The video documents the different performances that have taken place since the formation of AV Club in April 2021, through current day. AV Club has worked in close conjunction with artists from LivecodeNYC to put on shows at SXSW festival, Gray Area, SyzygySF, and many other venues throughout the Bay Area.

A lot of the additional effort for the shows goes into documentation so that we can tell the story and communicate the artform of live-coding. This video is a demonstration of a lot of the different contexts in which the art of live-code has been shared on the west coast.