ICLC 2023 Catalogue

A Quad Entropic Conversation

Sarah Imrisek (@cymatiste), Marcus Gordon (magfoto), Ilze Briede (Kavi), Hrysovalanti Maheras (hryso)

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A Quad Entropic Conversation is a live coding performance by ensemble The Endemics, that features speech used in various forms to carry on an audiovisual conversation between the four members and their instruments. Live coded in Hydra, Orca, and SuperCollider, and ending with a touch of analog modular sound, a conversation unravels inside a wormhole. The meaning of the words, the meanings in speech, and everything transmitted in the form of communication, undergoes a transformation, due to the entropic forces taking place in black holes. Knowing from the beginning that parts and pieces of ourselves get lost, and displaced in our exchanges with others, we find an opportunity to better tackle the resistance emerging in our conversations and create open ended dialogues with one another and through the code we share.