ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Shuoxin Tan (谭硕欣)

Affiliation: Institute for Music and Media, Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf



Shuoxin Tan (谭硕欣), born in Beijing, now living and working as a freelance composer and sound artist in Cologne. Since April 2020 she studies Epistemic Media at Institute for Music and Media Düsseldorf with Prof. Julian Rohrhuber and Marcus Schmickler. Her research currently focuses on algorithmic acoustics and mathematical formalization. How to apply “purloined” theoretical knowledge into artistic practice is her curiosity.Influenced by Lacanian topology, namely the Borromean rings, she has founded the network-music ensemble and research group [ _ _ _ ] together with Jia Liu in Karlsruhe and Song Li in London. The ensemble started during the Covid lockdown in November 2020 and developed a collaborative algorithmic network-music performance system from scratch, adopting the programming language SuperCollider. Their research and practice embody the new form of computer music performance with theoretical thinking.