ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Matilda Sutherland



Matilda Sutherland is an Australian artist and musician currently based in Zürich, CH, where she continues research in digital media and interaction design, code poetry and net.ART. In 2020, Matilda performed The Cowgirl Manifesto at Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces, Montreal, further developing the work into an interactive digital concrete poem for Runway Journal (2022). Since 2017, Matilda has also DJ’ed and released electronic music under the MTLDA alias. In January of 2022, the God Is A DJ EP was announced via her own imprint, Girl On Road, accompanied by a PureData patch used to record the six-track release on her DJ mixer. Alongside techno, Matilda performs alt-country with her band. Their debut EP Holy Water was released in March of 2022