ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Iris Saladino



Iris Saladino, a 36-year-old live coder, producer, and creative programmer, is passionate about artistic research and production groups. She studied contemporary music and Electronic Arts and as a research fellow she completed a SuperCollider's course. After that she started livecoding, performing at Nano Mutek's Amplify 2019 and several local festivals and exhibitions. She live coded a multichannel sound set in the Bogotá Planetarium for the Domo Lleno 2019 Festival. During the pandemic, Iris streamed performances for festivals worldwide, including the Network Music, No Bounds, Piksel and Mutek Spain. She played live at Mutek Argentina in 2022 and other local festivals. As member of CLiC (Colectivo de LiveCoders), TOPLAP and Livecodera she constantly produces events, meetings and talks.