ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Sebastian Pappalardo (eerie_ear)



Sebastián Pappalardo / eerie_ear is a Sound Designer, Educator and Digital Artist. His background is in film post-production. He has also worked in music, television, advertisement, installations and education. His digital art and multimedia project explores generative, interactive and live coded art using signal processing, geometry, multiplicity, feedback, glitch-art and noise manipulation. He started this exploration in the early 2000s using Max/MSP and later Pure Data patches for samples and sound synthesis manipulation, combining MIDI control and randomized generative patterns by creating abstractions and objects to make music and sound design. Presently he works mostly with diverse live coding environments, mostly TidalCycles and Orca for Audio and MIDI manipulation and Hydra for visuals. He explores the possibilities of these new environments extensively, from electro acoustic to electronic. Always with the intention of extending the boundaries of rhythm, genre and timbre. He is also focusing on the possibilities of combining audiovisual narrative and live-coding in his Live Coded Cinema Project as well as combining the flexible and generative possibilities of digital live coded environments with analogue modular synthesis.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eerieear/