ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Dimitris Kyriakoudis

Affiliation: University of Sussex



Dimitris Kyriakoudis, also known as w1n5t0n of lnfiniteMonkeys, is a musician, computational luthier, and HCI researcher born and raised in Greece. Coming from a classical piano and music background, his studies in Music Computing BSc at Goldsmiths, University of London, soon led to an interest in Informatics and the practice and various instruments of live coding. What started as a promising alternative to mouse-based interfaces for computer music systems, which are incompatible with his chronic struggle with RSI, evolved into a passion of its own towards the medium's potential for exression, musicking, and—perhaps counter-intuitively—embodiment. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Music Technology at the University of Sussex, where he is a member of the Experimental MUsic TEchnologies (EMUTE) Lab. His research focuses on Human-Computer Interaction and the design, ergonomics, and ergodynamics of live coding instruments and their practice.