ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Kasper Jordaens

Affiliation: LUCA School of Arts



Kasper Jordaens is a researcher at the LUCA School of Arts currently researching spatial audio applications and AI-related computational creativity tools. Graduated as a civil engineer architect he moved from the arts field (as a designer in the studio of Wim Delvoye) through the digital innovation field doing both hard- and software projects (VRT, IMEC). He’s been doing generative coding projects since his studies, but only since 2014, with the founding of Lambdasonic (Toplap node) and H.AL.I.C.(a live coding duo) this moved into the livecoding realm. After some years of coding (quil) visuals in collaborative projects, playing music (modular synth) in a band (de portables) gave way to live coding musical projects too. Moving from an engineers’ point of view into music is not too uncommon in the algorave scene, but Kasper persists on building bridges between the two worlds, balancing one leg on each side.