ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Agata Genissel



Agata Genissel uses audio-visual live coding to explore notionsof world-building in the realm of live performance. Primarily using TidalCycles and Hydra to build a stage, she seeks to key into the fun and playful elements of musical improvisation. Relying on instinct and on the force of the sounds and textures of these repeated patterns built using TidalCycles, Agata delivers BRICKWORK as a moment in which people are encouraged to dance and reflect.

Based in London, Agata’s performances play around with spatial characteristics. Whether this involves ripping down paper-built walls in Venue MOT Unit 18, projecting a live feed of the audience back into the space, or moving around to incorporate live drums and vocals into the mix, Agata is always keen to interfere with the dimensions of live coding as something that does not place the performer strictly behind the screen.