ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Alejandro Franco Briones

Affiliation: McMaster University



Alejandro is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Communications Studies and Media Arts at McMaster University. His research entails the development of infrastructure, interfaces, and protocols for online live-coded music and sound art creation. His research is related to the fields of sound studies, time studies, and internet studies with a perspective mediated by de-colonialism, anti-fascism, Marxism, and feminism. He has presented multiple times at the International Conference on Live Coding and the Electroacoustic Music Seminar in Mexico City. Alejandro is currently a sessional professor at McMaster University, teaching Spatial and Interactive Audio, and a Research Assistant in the Networked Imagination Laboratory developing Estuary, a software for networked live coding. Most recently, he published a chapter in the book Music and Time: Psychology, Philosophy, Practice (Boydell Press), titled ‘Live Coding as a Theatre of Agency and a Factory of Time.