ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Giulia Francavilla (Giulia Rae)

Affiliation: Institute of Sonology



Giulia Rae is an Italian composer, researcher, performer and sound designer based in Turin (IT). In 2021 she obtained a Research Master Degree at the Institute of Sonology (The Hague), where she is currently a Research Associate. With a keen interest in creative coding and sound design, semi-generative systems and live performance, she bases her artistic practice and research on immersive sound and the listening experience. Influenced by the theoretical discourse on human-machine interaction, embodiment, deep listening and perception, she develops her works in the field of algorithmic music, VR, multichannel and 3D audio. In 2022 she worked as an artist in residency at CICM of Paris VIII and at iMAL studios in Brussels. Her releases are on Søvn Records, Ovaal, Light Item, Intersezioni, Solium Records, Guerrilla Bizarre.

In parallel, she works as a composer and sound designer for video, theatre, dance and multidisciplinary projects.