ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Raphaël Maurice Forment (Bubobubo)

Affiliation: ECLLA, Université Jean Monnet



Raphaël Maurice Forment is a contractual doctoral student at the University Jean Monnet of Saint Etienne (ECLLA, ED 484 3LA), his thesis being carried out in collaboration with the University Paris 8 Saint-Denis (MUSIDANSE). His doctoral work is directed by Laurent Pottier (UJM, ECLLA) and Alain Bonardi (Paris 8, MUSIDANSE). Raphaël is studying the links and tensions between techniques and aesthetic discourses that cross the field of improvised computer music. He is studying live coding both as an artistic practice and as a programming technique. He is developing software for live coding performance both for academic research and personal musical projects. Raphaël regularly performs on stage in France with the Cookie Collective or with friends. Raphaël is invested in live coding pedagogy. He teaches live coding both at university and in informal settings (workshops, speeches, etc).