ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Ted Davis

Affiliation: IDCE HGK FHNW



Ted Davis is a media educator / artist / designer originally from the United States and based in Basel, Switzerland. Since 2010 he teaches interaction design and coordinates the UIC/HGK International Master of Design program within the Institute Digital Communication Environments IDCE, HGK FHNW. His work and teachings explore the volatility of digital media through glitch and reactivating older ‘new media’ through newer programming means.

His open source projects (basil.js, XYscope, P5LIVE, p5.glitch) enable designers to program within Adobe InDesign, render vector graphics on vector displays, collaboratively live code visuals with p5.js, and glitch any media in real-time within the web browser. In 2021 he received the Basel Media Art Prize (Basler Medienkunstpreis) for p5.glitch and was a Processing Foundation Teaching Fellow. With international exhibits, lectures and workshops, he empowers students to take hold of the computer’s ability to design possibilities beyond that of the hand or mouse.