ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Francesco Corvi

Affiliation: Institute of Sonology



Francesco Corvi (nesso.xyz) is a performer, musician, lecturer and multimedia artist based in the Netherlands. His artistic work explores new technologies by developing unconventional performance strategies, including live coding and adaptive systems, raising philosophical questions concerning phenomenology, posthumanism, and the study of complex systems. He graduated at CREA (Research Centre for Audiovisual Processing, Frosinone, Italy) and he is currently doing a master research project at the Institute of Sonology of Den Haag. Between 2021 and 2022 he performed at ICFP2022, Blooming Festival, Didacta, Punctum, Build Stuff, Spring Attitude, C(A)OSMO Festival and more. He gave lectures for KABK, NABA, Umanesimo Artificiale, University of Pisa and led a training project for music teachers together with INDIRE and Tempo Reale. His work was exhibited at Creative Code Festival, WeSa Seoul, Glitch Art Pixel Language, ArteScienza. He released music for Superpang, Kaer'Uiks, Genot Centre, Riforma, Mossa Records, Heel.zone.