ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD)

Affiliation: Toplap Mexico



Musician, Speculative Architect, Creative Technologist.

As an artist, she investigates the forms in which the sound, the architecture, the technology and the science hold the ability to be great diffusers of discoveries and devices of self-reflection that can unleash speculative worlds. Through live coding processes, experimental sound, CGI, game software, installation, virtual reality and enhancement and performance, I seek to merge the physical and the digital through new models of social interaction and politics capable of providing new forms of relationship from the utopia and the fiction in this constant state of crisis and also of hope.

She is a professor and researcher at the Universidad CENTRO | Design, Film and Television in the field of creative code, STEAM and new sound and immersion technologies and in the CMMAS in the field of algorithmic music composition and live coding.