ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Alicia Champlin

Affiliation: TOPLAP Barcelona



Alicia Champlin (USA, 1975) is an independent intermedial artist and researcher based in Barcelona. Champlin’s creative practices have come to focus on feedback-driven, generative systems in pursuit of the phenomenological intersection of networked communication and identity. In installations, she applies systems theory to employ sound and interaction in modeling complex and dynamic relationships to explore cybernetic and post-structuralist issues of communication. She also has performance practices both with live-coding (primarily TidalCycles) and with the bow chime (a.k.a. steel cello), which sometimes intersect. Champlin received her MFA from the University of Maine and has performed or exhibited with Sònar Festival, Cabaret Voltaire, BEK, IEM, and PIFcamp.