ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Ramon Casamajó (QBRNTHSS)

Affiliation: TOPLAP Barcelona



QBRNTHSS (pronounced "quebrantahuesos", meaning "bearded vulture" in Spanish) is the alias that Ramon Casamajó, musician and educator, uses for his solo works focused on electronics and live coding. As QBRNTHSS he released a split LP (Harry Dean Stanton, Call It Anything Records 2019), and is actively involved in the TOPLAP Barcelona collective. In 2023 he will release his first LP on the Sheffield-based label Interworld Media. He has played in international events and venues like Ars Electronica 2020, Sónar, VIU 2021, Iklectik London, Algorithmic Art Assembly 2022, as well as in online events hosted by the international TOPLAP community. He is part of Turing Tarpit, a duet focused on free improvisation with whom he has released several works and played regularly in Barcelona's experimental underground circuit. He also runs the micro record label Call It Anything Records.