ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Martin Carlé

Affiliation: Ionian University



Dr. Martin Carlé lives as a musicologist, media theorist and Emacs org-mode enthusiast. His cultural objective is to leverage Literate Programming techniques as a performative methodology for experimental media arts, reproducible research and a sustainable computer literacy. While running a music recoding studio and an audio consultant company, he studied systematic musicology, popular music and media history at the Humboldt-University Berlin (HUB). There he received his doctoral degree with a thesis on the epistemology of ancient Greek music theory and the respective musical notation systems. Within the frame of the German Research Society (DFG), he worked at the Helmholtz Institute for Culture Techniques and taught as assistant professor at the department of Media Studies (HUB). Ongoing international collaborations include the French ANR project "PROGRAMme". He is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Hub of Arts Laboratories at the Audio & Visual Arts Department of the Ionian University.