ICLC 2023 Catalogue

We All Begin in Abstraction

Shelly Knotts, Sojung Bahng (방소정), Kirby Casilli

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Program Notes

“We All Begin in Abstraction…” is an AV networked live coding performance for live coding musician (Shelly Knotts), live video (Sojung Bahng) and movement (Kirby Casilli) which takes inspiration from Legacy Russell’s text Glitch Feminism to explore threads of female embodiment, error and algorithmically mediated life.

In live coding, error constitutes an embodied form of computing, drawing attention from the screen and towards the body which is creating a rupture, a break, in the flow system.

In this work we draw attention to the points of interaction between body, machine and algorithm and the ruptures and errors that shape the interaction between artists, code and audience in algorithmically driven performance. We use machine learning algorithms to track movement and live video as an input to a live coded performance, forming a feedback loop between body, algorithm, embodied algorithms and mediated forms.