ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Sardine X Ziffers: New Tools for Algorithmic Expression

Raphaël Maurice Forment (Bubobubo), Rémi Georges (Ralt144MI)

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Program Notes

This duo performance by Ralt144MI and Bubobubo aims to highlight recent developments in Sardine (Raphaël Forment) and Ziffers (Miika Alonen). These two live coders from Lyon are dynamic members of the French Cookie Collective. They are, among other things, responsible for the current dynamism of the French live coding scene! Uniting their respective styles for ICLC 2023, they wish to engage with the audience in an algorithmic exploration of their new systems for improvisation.

In anticipation of ICLC 2023, Miika Alonen and Raphaël Forment (BuboBubo) have joined forces! They have merged their respective tools, Sardine and Ziffers, into a single live entity! Doing so, they are hopeful to pave the way for new future experiences in algorithmic melodic generation. Sardine is a modular environment for live coding in Python 3.10+. Ziffers is a concise digital music notation system for algorithmic and generative composition. The two, taken together, constitute a powerful environment that continues the approach initiated by TOPLAP long ago, that of exploring musical algorithmic patterns as an expressive gesture! The more the merrier! Two pattern languages in one single environment!

During their performances with the Cookie Collective, Ralt144MI and BuboBubo have felt the need to have at their disposal new extensible and modular tools that would allow hybridization with analog machines, synchronization, and the quick exchange of ideas, functions, or code snippets. It is on this condition that it seemed possible to establish new interactions with their friends from the demoscene, the DIY music world or the generative visual world. Their performance will pay tribute to the energy of the contemporary French scene (the Cookie lives!) and will introduce the live coders present to a musical use of these new tools. Expect bricolage, loud rhythms and synchronized computers!