ICLC 2023 Catalogue


Michele Samarotto

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Program Notes

flux treats ideas of “perceptual” displacement. The piece involves two apposite elements: the notorious Shepard-Risset glissando and continuously fluctuating rhythms. Ever-shifting anchor points amidst the sonic substance blur the lines between movement and stasis. Not aiming to create a general confusion of the senses nor to deconstruct 4-to-the-floor tropes, I would rather like to suggest immersive qualities.

As often the case in my live-coding practice, I start from minimal pre-written code in SuperCollider, constituting the basic skeleton of the composition/performance, designed to explore certain sonic areas of interest as well as to afford entering uncharted territory; in this sense I always liked Xenakis’ image of the composer (and here I include the notions of performer/improviser) as a pilot supervising “the controls of a cosmic vessel sailing in the space of sound” (Formalized Music).