ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Commuta: A Cross Adaptive Laptop Ensemble

Francesco Corvi, Riccardo Ancona, Giulia Francavilla (Giulia Rae)

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Program Notes

Commuta is a trio algorithmic performance dealing with the notion of cross-adaptive sonic relationships. Three performers are entangled in a network of influences obtained by dynamically relating the expressive features of each sound stream with the others. In this system, live coding acts as a form of interaction capable of producing perturbations and changing on-the-fly the overall structure of the network. The joint result seeks for an emergent complexity lying at the intersection of the the three performer’s individual practices: the development of adaptive sonic processes in live coding by Francesco Corvi (nesso.xyz), Giulia Rae’s exploration of machine listening techniques for environmental synthetic soundscapes, and Riccardo Ancona’s study on material identities in corpus manipulations.