ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Botbop: Integers & Strings

Kasper Jordaens, Dagobert Sondervan, Andrew Claes

Was performed at:

Program Notes

The fourth iteration of Bot Bop’s exploratory journey into the artistic potential of combining AI and live coding, will deepen the focus incorporating real-time string arrangement, its visual representation and the interaction and creative possibilities of AI.

Three live coders, Dago Sondervan -who uses multiple live coding environments at the same time-, Andrew Claes -accomplished wind-controller and patching adept- and Kasper Jordaens -live visual and data artist- team up creating an interactive environment where improvisation and computer aided composition can overflow.

Continuing development of BOTBOP’s custom software and implementations using primarily open source software, now enables the creation of musical scores in real time. Starting from improvisation, MIDI data is gathered, processed and distributed on stage to a classical string quartet. Algorithmic strategies are combined with machine learning techniques to render a sensible musical output, to be played at first sight by the strings. The focus is on dynamic systems, optimized to react in real time rather than pre-generated and ‘offline’, giving this audio-visual performance a distinct edge, blurring lines between classical composition, electronic music and jazz.

Integers & Strings premiered at Sònar festival during its ‘AI & Music S+T+ARTS’ 2021 festival in Barcelona in co-production with BOZAR Brussels.