ICLC 2023 Catalogue

Thinking Inside the Box: Instant Composition, Folded Structures and Beyond the Screen

Marije Baalman

Was presented at:

Live Stream Recording (YouTube)


Livecoding is an act of rebellion against the fixed idea software as immutable, impenetrable, but yet advertised as neutral, systems that are humanity's future – it inspires democratisation of the human/machine entanglement of our current society, by showing that code is mutable, alive, accessible, and above all an expression of concepts – which are personal and political.

Ca. 20 years after the start of the projection era of livecoding, perhaps it is time to make up the balance of how the entanglement between humans and machines within the livecoding community has evolved.

Marije Baalman will present a keynote presentation on the topic of human/machine entanglement.

Her past livecoding works, Code LiveCode Live, Wezen-Gewording, Etudes pour le Livecoding à une Main, and the machine is learning all address different aspects of human/machine entanglement. In her presentation she will come back to topics she addressed in her paper Embodiment of Code at the first ICLC in 2015, her article “Interplay between Composition, Instrument Design and Performance” (2016) and her book “Composing Interactions – an Artist’s Guide to Building Expressive Interactive Systems” (2022).